Panda Cloud Systems Management

Panda Cloud Systems Management

Panda Cloud Systems Management is the new way to manage, monitor and support IT systems.

Manage your IT systems simply and pro-actively out-of-the-box, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.
Panda Cloud Systems Management is the easy and affordable way to centrally manage, monitor and support all your organization’s devices, whether they are in the office or on-the-road. Its out-of-the-box simplicity ensures a
near zero learning curve and ensures everything IT runs smoothly.


Why Panda Cloud Systems Management?


  • Because your IT team shouldn’t spend most of its time fire fighting
  • Because addressing problems pro-actively prevents them from occurring
  • Because users increasingly depend on non-corporate devices and technology (BYOD)


How does Panda Cloud Systems management help you pro-actively manage your IT resources?

1. Get IT under control – asset management

  • Control what you own
  • 100% granular visibility of the devices you manage
  • Keep up-to-date with your environment and changes
  • Control the software and hardware installed and used
  • Prevent non-productive, dangerous activities


2. Stop fire fighting and reduce your IT costs

  • Reduce repetitive work, phone calls and become pro-active
  • Real-time warnings pinpoint issues before they become problems
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Logs track all the info on each device
  • Patch management keeps all devices up-to-date


3. Keep IT central, keep IT simple

  • Manage all IT resources from a single web-based console, with all the necessary information and tools
  • 100% cloud-hosted – no additional infrastructure
  • Manage all devices regardless of where they are or where you are, anytime, anywhere
  • Tools are constantly updated and extended
  • Extremely light communication agent
  • Near zero learning curve, deploy in minutes


4. Don’t just create value, prove it

  • Evaluate the work done
  • Show who did what, with which device and for how long, etc.
  • Demonstrate decreases in downtime and time dedicated to support
  • Identify problematic hardware/software


5. Give end users the best support experience regardless of where they are

  • Pro-active and non-intrusive issue resolution will drastically cut support calls
  • Remotely monitor and support your entire workforce
  • Non-intrusive diagnostics and issue resolution for greater productivity
  • Trace stolen laptops and swipe all sensitive data


Panda Cloud Systems Management fact sheet and technical requirement specifications.